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Moving residences or offices for a sparkling start is always tremendously difficult. Packing, loading and unloading your things can be a little overwhelming if you do it alone.

Our team of professionals

Shellyremovals is a removal agency that helps humans and corporations to move their goods from one location to an other. Our team of professionals are committed to satisfy all the customer needs and grant finest-moving service. They are super cooperative and will assist you to make your moving easier.

Services we offer

Loading and unloading

Shellyremovals have group of experts that will help you load packed items into trucks at minimum wage. Once the truck reaches to your new place, we will help you to unload all the things. We make sure that no damage is done whilst loading or unloading.

Packing and unpacking

Shellyremovals have high quality packing and unpacking offerings you will ever need. Our professional packers will pack everything safely and securely. We guarantee to repair any harm caused to your item during moving. Our long lasting transferring packing boxes are particularly designed to secure your item.

Home cleansing services

We have properly skilled cleaners to clean your place after you have moved in. Our cleaner can assist you with cleansing all exterior and interior surfaces of kitchen cupboards, dusting all the drawers, mopping your ground and vacuuming your carpeted areas.

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Mistakes homeowners make when hiring house builders in Brisbane

Everybody in Brisbane wants to own a house of their own since this has been a dream for many people for a long time. For this reason, people make a living but save as much as they can to ensure that their dream comes true one day. If you’ve been saving finances to build your home and you believe that it is time that you begin building the home of your dreams then you should be out there looking for the best house builders in Brisbane. As you look for your house builder you need to realise that the housebuilder that you hire will determine whether your dreams come true or not. This is why you must make sure that you know what mistakes that people make when hiring house builders so that you can avoid them. Also, you require several tips to help you differentiate the right house builders from the wrong ones.


Mistakes that you should avoid

The following are the mistakes that most house owners make whenever they are hiring their house builder in Brisbane. Make sure that you do not make the mistakes discussed below or else you will not hire the house builders that will make your dreams come true.


  • Failing to do your homework

As you hire your house builders in Brisbane the first thing that you must do is research the house builders you will come across on the streets. Have some information about these house builders so that you will know whether they are worth hiring or not. When you fail to do your homework you end up hiring your house builders blindly which is very wrong.


  • Failing to check the required credentials

Are you by your house builders you need to check certain credentials before you agree to work with the house bill that you come across. These credentials include certification licences and insurance. If you do not check whether the house builders you find have these credentials you may end up hiring those who do not have them. This means that you are hiring unqualified uncertified unlicensed and uninsured house builders.


  • Hiring the cheapest housebuilders

Although it’s important for you to save some cash on the housebuilders you will be hiring, it’s also important for you to check out how much these housebuilders are charging you for the services you need. You need to know that the costs of the services you need are determined by so many factors such as the qualification attained experience level as well as the quality of services the housebuilders can offer you. The more qualified and experienced the housebuilders are, the more they charge for their services. This means that if you hire the cheapest house builders in Brisbane you’ll end up hiring those who are less qualified and experienced which you must avoid at all costs.


  • Reading positive reviews only

As you look for housebuilders to hire in Brisbane you need to read the online reviews that you find about the house builders you could hire. In most cases you find people reading only the positive reviews about the housebuilders they find and neglecting the negative reviews. However if you only read the positive reviews you will not know what mistakes all the limits of hiring these house builders. Therefore make sure that you read both positive and negative reviews of the housebuilders you wish to hire.

Even if you’re hiring your house builders for the first time it’s always essential that you do it the right way. This means hiring the best house builders in Brisbane to ensure that your dreams come true. Try to call award winning Brisbane home builders OJ Pippin. Meet with them and discuss what you want in your dream house.

Four Crucial Factors to Consider When Buying an Awning

Ever since the invention of caravan awnings, people have found it much easier to go for long trips without being concerned about where they will sleep or take a rest. With a caravan awning in place, you can travel to whatever destination you want because you are sure that you have a room or space moving along with you.

The caravan awning may be the only thing between you and the danger that is lurking around when you are deep inside the jungle, thus you need to be assured that the awning you have can give you all the reasons to be confident when visiting such a place.

If you have an excellent caravan awning, you need to go through the accompanying factors first.

Tips for finding a suitable caravan awning

  • Robustness

A caravan awning is a structure that you will be erecting at whatever place that you find yourself at. Hence, you have to consider its resilience to wear and tear. Weather conditions should not be factors of concern when it comes to awnings. Thus, you have to ascertain that the materials used to build the awning are robust and long-lasting. The awning should generally be strong and capable of withstanding extreme forces.

  • Type

The next thing to look at is the type of awning you want. The difference between caravan awnings is with their functionalities. Thus, you need to assess the functionalities that are suitable for you while discarding the ones that are not helpful. This can help you to cut down on the cost because the more features a caravan awning has, the costlier it becomes. You also ask the company for demos so that you know how exactly you are going to use that awning.

  • Warrant

As you make up your mind to buy a particular caravan awning, ask for a warrant from the company because it is your only saviour when the awning ends up breaking or malfunctioning without your poor handling. However, you should know that a warrant is only valid for the mentioned period, most companies usually give a one-year warranty, after which you will have to cater for all the maintenance and repair charges.

  • The reputation of the company

It is also vital to find out about the company you are dealing with. A good way to accomplish this is by visiting the company’s official website and thoroughly going through the past clients’ reviews and complaints. Of course, every client has a different area of concern, but by going through the reviews, you will find some that interest you and you need to know if the company has a good reputation on them.

How to take care of your caravan awning

Regardless of the kind of awning you purchase, you have to see to it that it gets proper maintenance, repair, and cleaning services. Poor handling of the awning will make it more vulnerable to the surrounding conditions and shorten its lifespan.  Thus, you have to observe the guideline that has been set upon folding or unfolding your caravan awning. You have to clean it up regularly and ensure that you do not pack it while it is wet because water can result in quick decomposition of the material. Lastly, ensure that the canvas and poles are stored separately because the poles can easily puncture or put an undesired mark on the canvas.



Why should you hire residential architects in Sydney?

Are you planning to build the home of your dreams in Sydney? Do you know that you should talk to residential architects about the new home you are planning to build? Always remember that building a home is among the tasks that seem to be easy but a daunting and complex one. For this reason, you require all the help that you need to make the project easy for you to handle. This is why you need to make sure that you have the right professionals working with you from the start of your home building project to the end.


Residential architects are among the professionals that you should have for your project if you want to make things easier for you. However, not everyone hires residential architects since most people do not know how important they are in any residential building project. In this case, if you are planning to build a home and you are wondering whether you should hire residential architects in Sydney or not, it is time to find out how hiring residential architects can be beneficial to you.


Reasons why you should hire residential architects in Sydney


The following are some of the reasons why you should hire residential architects in Sydney:


  • They have much understanding of your needs

Residential architects are always able to explore your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences when they are drawing up the construction plans that address your desires and any structural requirements.  All you have to do is express to them what you have always wanted in a house and they will transform your wishes and needs into a perfect residential plan. This is because they can understand your needs which can be tough for most people.


  • They make better designs overall

Whenever you want to have the best residential building designs, you must make sure that you have the best residential architects. They are always able to deliver creative and interesting designs depending on your needs.


  • They avoid any errors

When an error is made in the house plans, fixing the errors can be costly. Residential architects have the skills and experience required in making the most perfect plans for residential buildings. Therefore, they will always avoid making any errors that could lead to costs you never planned to incur.


  • They solve any problems creatively

Residential architects also have some creative ways of solving any problems that arise when making plans for your home and also while building. Although their ability to solve problems is different, they will always come up with strategies and methods that will help them solve any problem that arises in your residential building project.


  • They save you money

Residential architects are always able to deliver accurate and detailed designs and plans which means that the chances of making mistakes are dimmed. For this reason, you do not require spending money on changing the designs and plans which can be expensive yet you require funds for manpower and materials.


  • Help you select the best and right materials and finishes

Residential architects have extensive knowledge that helps them select the materials that are best for your project depending on the budget you have set, proportions, and the functionality of different rooms. Therefore, you can make wise decisions about the finishes and materials to use making your home look attractive.


  • Increase home value

When you hire residential architects you are making a profitable investment especially if you will be selling your home in the future. This is because buyers want to buy homes that were designed by professionals which means that they will buy your home at a better value since you hired the best residential architects.


Although building a home is challenging, when you have the best residential architects at your disposal, things will be easy for you. As you select your residential architects, take time so that you can select the best among the many you find in Sydney. You should know that you cannot trust all the residential architects you come across since not all have the levels of experience and qualifications required to handle your residential building project.


What Makes Drain Cleaning Important For Homeowners?

Did you know that the drains in your home connect to an extensive network of pipes leading to the sewage system? This means that these drains carry all the waste in the form of water in your home and out of your home. Therefore, whenever there is an issue with the drains, expect your home to have a terrible odour that replaces the fresh air in your house. However, there is one thing that you could do to solve all the problems that could result from such issues, which is cleaning your drains often. 

What makes regular drain cleaning necessary?

Drains serve an essential purpose, and the reason you are enjoying the fresh air in your home is that your drains are carrying all the filthy wastewater from your home. Drain cleaning is among the things you need to learn to do if you want to preserve the fresh air in your home. If you leave your drains unattended for a long time, they could clog, making this a huge nightmare. You may have lived in your home for a very long time, and you have never cleaned your drains because you didn’t know why it is essential. In this section, we have several reasons why drain cleaning is essential.

  • Prevents blockages

Drain cleaning is among the things that could help in preventing your pipes and drains from clogging. When you clean your drains, you remove the small clogs from your sinks and showers, which may accumulate over time, forming larger clogs. This could also be why your toilet overflows, and therefore, you should avoid having blocked drains brisbane. The best way to do this is to ensure that you regularly clean your drains. 

  • Maintains fresh air

Clogged drains will not only stop your wastewater from flowing but also will make your sinks and toilets overflow. This comes with a terrible smell that you can smell when you are in any corner of your house.  However, drain cleaning prevents blocked drains, which reduces foul odours, making your house fresh all the time. 

  • Keeps your home clean

The waste from your sewer carries a lot of bacteria and germs in them. For this reason, anytime the toilet overflows, the germs and bacteria get in your home. Therefore, if you want to live in a clean environment, regular drain cleaning is essential. 

Hiring a drain cleaning professional

It is always essential that you let professionals do their work. This is because they have the best work tools, the right products, not to mention skills and expertise. For this reason, whenever you want to have your drains cleaned, take time to get the best drain cleaning professionals around you. 


How to remove salt water deposits from water pipes

The salt water deposits occur due to water hardness. This would mean that there is an excessive amount of either calcium or magnesium in the water that has caused prepositions of these minerals to clog up the pipes. This deposition can slow down the water flow, make the water slimy and even change the color of the water to a shade that is not clear. Here is a simple way through which you can remove this deposition, as told by drain cleaning canberra and do a thorough plumbing pipe cleaning because otherwise you will be deprived of clear water along with getting a raised water bill.

Using vinegar

Using vinegar is a tedious task because in order to remove the deposits, you will have to remove all the water from the pipes otherwise it will not be much effective, replace the water with the vinegar and fill the pipes. This will allow the salt deposits to be dissolved in vinegar and the depositions will be removed. After the deposits have been dissolved, you can now flush the pipes. But there is a side effect to this plumbing pipe cleaning. The essence of vinegar will be in the pipes for a time. If you use the water for drinking purposes, you will be able to taste the vinegar. Since vinegar is a natural product, it will not be toxic or harmful to your body.

How to do it?

First, you will need to shut off the water supply. This is important if you need to replace the water with vinegar. The main supply needs to be turned off so that you can allow the water to be drained completely.

Next, you will need to drain the water from all the taps. Empty the pipes by turning on the taps of the whole house. It is vital that you empty the house of all the water so turn on any source of water that comes into your house. Make sure that you do not waste the water. Empty it out in buckets or other forms of storage so you can use it later.

Now it is time to pour the vinegar. Pour 3 to 4 cups of baking soda beforehand after which you will need to pour the vinegar up to the brim. Place this mixture in the pipes for 4 hours. This mixture will allow the salts and deposits to be dissolved. After the limit has been reached for 4 hours, pour down the boiled water along the pipes. This plumbing pipe cleaning will allow the deposits to be completely removed from the pipes.

After the pipes have been flushed, turn on the supply again and see if the water is running back in the house. The essence of vinegar will remain for a few days in the house but you will have yourself clear water back in the house.

Moving home and work smoothly: Here’s what to do!

Don’t worry: a different city, an amazing career opportunity, a new office and a desk with your name on it waiting for you… you just have to arrive on time for the start of the business.

Moving home and work: things to do
Plan your move right away, contacting the moving company as soon as you know the starting date of your work. When you know a specific date to meet, the sooner you can plan professional help, the better. In these situations, it is not a good idea to try to do everything yourself.
Once you have overcome the stress and challenge of having to sell your house in a very short time, you will be happy to get the liquidity from the sale of your home. To do this, you have an extremely viable option: Enlist the support of an experienced real estate agent with a reputation for speed.

If you’re in a hurry, a real estate agent with a track record of selling homes can be a godsend. An experienced agent can generally sell a house 10 days faster than the others. This is because they are able to better read and evaluate: the market, the price and the state of the house. Fast sellers are those who know how to anticipate and remove any objections raised by those looking for a home in time. For example, houses that appear too personal, with strong colors, can hardly be accepted quickly by the market. With an agent who manages the logistics of your sale, you can focus on packing and preparing for your new big opportunity.

To change or not to change the house?

Well, I have bad news to tell you, you probably suffer like me and like many human beings from a “disease” which is called: “not wanting to decide to decide” or from another disease, also very common that it is called “fear of change”.

Clearly they are “diseases” that have very deep psychological roots and of which we are often not even aware, in fact psychologists speak of the unconscious in this regard.

I wanted to address this topic as I personally believe that since we only live once, procrastinating for years in the decision to move house while continuing to live in a situation that does not satisfy us is a small offense to our life itself.

Attention, I do not want to say that they are not real problems, many times there are not exactly the necessary conditions, but I believe that looking in the mirror and giving yourself an honest answer is the first step to concretely address the problem.

As I have written in other articles, we often forget that we spend more than half of our time at home (for some even 70/80 percent). And living in a home that doesn’t make us feel good affects other areas of our life as well .

Let’s see what could be the hidden causes (those of our unconscious) that keep us from “not deciding to decide” and, even if I am not a psychologist, I will try to offer you some starting points.

The pleasure of being able to continue dreaming.
It has happened to me personally and many times even with some of my clients to discover that you do not decide because as long as you are in the situation of being able to continue imagining something much more beautiful, you enjoy a state of pleasure that would fade when should face reality, for example in the case of the house,

it could be much more pleasant to be able to continue dreaming of a house on a hill or by the sea with an adjoining swimming pool than to accept the fact that the house we can afford is a simple terraced house .


It is pretty tough to organize and arrange your items after you have moved. Our crew of specialists have adequate experience to assist you in arranging and organizing all your items. They will comply with your instructions.

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