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Moving residences or offices for a sparkling start is always tremendously difficult. Packing, loading and unloading your things can be a little overwhelming if you do it alone.

Our team of professionals

Shellyremovals is a removal agency that helps humans and corporations to move their goods from one location to an other. Our team of professionals are committed to satisfy all the customer needs and grant finest-moving service. They are super cooperative and will assist you to make your moving easier.

Services we offer

Loading and unloading

Shellyremovals have group of experts that will help you load packed items into trucks at minimum wage. Once the truck reaches to your new place, we will help you to unload all the things. We make sure that no damage is done whilst loading or unloading.

Packing and unpacking

Shellyremovals have high quality packing and unpacking offerings you will ever need. Our professional packers will pack everything safely and securely. We guarantee to repair any harm caused to your item during moving. Our long lasting transferring packing boxes are particularly designed to secure your item.

Home cleansing services

We have properly skilled cleaners to clean your place after you have moved in. Our cleaner can assist you with cleansing all exterior and interior surfaces of kitchen cupboards, dusting all the drawers, mopping your ground and vacuuming your carpeted areas.

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Moving home and work smoothly: Here’s what to do!

Don’t worry: a different city, an amazing career opportunity, a new office and a desk with your name on it waiting for you… you just have to arrive on time for the start of the business.

Moving home and work: things to do
Plan your move right away, contacting the moving company as soon as you know the starting date of your work. When you know a specific date to meet, the sooner you can plan professional help, the better. In these situations, it is not a good idea to try to do everything yourself.
Once you have overcome the stress and challenge of having to sell your house in a very short time, you will be happy to get the liquidity from the sale of your home. To do this, you have an extremely viable option: Enlist the support of an experienced real estate agent with a reputation for speed.

If you’re in a hurry, a real estate agent with a track record of selling homes can be a godsend. An experienced agent can generally sell a house 10 days faster than the others. This is because they are able to better read and evaluate: the market, the price and the state of the house. Fast sellers are those who know how to anticipate and remove any objections raised by those looking for a home in time. For example, houses that appear too personal, with strong colors, can hardly be accepted quickly by the market. With an agent who manages the logistics of your sale, you can focus on packing and preparing for your new big opportunity.

To change or not to change the house?

Well, I have bad news to tell you, you probably suffer like me and like many human beings from a “disease” which is called: “not wanting to decide to decide” or from another disease, also very common that it is called “fear of change”.

Clearly they are “diseases” that have very deep psychological roots and of which we are often not even aware, in fact psychologists speak of the unconscious in this regard.

I wanted to address this topic as I personally believe that since we only live once, procrastinating for years in the decision to move house while continuing to live in a situation that does not satisfy us is a small offense to our life itself.

Attention, I do not want to say that they are not real problems, many times there are not exactly the necessary conditions, but I believe that looking in the mirror and giving yourself an honest answer is the first step to concretely address the problem.

As I have written in other articles, we often forget that we spend more than half of our time at home (for some even 70/80 percent). And living in a home that doesn’t make us feel good affects other areas of our life as well .

Let’s see what could be the hidden causes (those of our unconscious) that keep us from “not deciding to decide” and, even if I am not a psychologist, I will try to offer you some starting points.

The pleasure of being able to continue dreaming.
It has happened to me personally and many times even with some of my clients to discover that you do not decide because as long as you are in the situation of being able to continue imagining something much more beautiful, you enjoy a state of pleasure that would fade when should face reality, for example in the case of the house,

it could be much more pleasant to be able to continue dreaming of a house on a hill or by the sea with an adjoining swimming pool than to accept the fact that the house we can afford is a simple terraced house .


It is pretty tough to organize and arrange your items after you have moved. Our crew of specialists have adequate experience to assist you in arranging and organizing all your items. They will comply with your instructions.

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