Moving Checklist

Please review our moving checklist for some handy hints to assist you with your move.

  • Notify your change of address to your: Bank / Insurance Company / Health Care / Employer / Vehicle Registration / ATO / Financial institutions / Superannuation
  • Disconnect the phone, electricity, gas, water and cable in your old home and transfer to your new home
  • Arrange a re direction with your post office
  • Pack essential items you will need immediately after the move – keys/mobile / passports / phone
  • Defrost and clean out your fridge/Freezer
  • Mark boxes to ensure you can access your required goods with ease
  • Ensure all electrical and gas meters have been read and the telephone is disconnected
  • Check the garden to be sure you haven’t forgotten to pack any items such as garden hoses
  • Lock all doors and windows as you leave
  • Collect and return all keys to the new owner or landlord/real estate agent.

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