Moving home and work smoothly: Here’s what to do!

Don’t worry: a different city, an amazing career opportunity, a new office and a desk with your name on it waiting for you… you just have to arrive on time for the start of the business.

Moving home and work: things to do
Plan your move right away, contacting the moving company as soon as you know the starting date of your work. When you know a specific date to meet, the sooner you can plan professional help, the better. In these situations, it is not a good idea to try to do everything yourself.
Once you have overcome the stress and challenge of having to sell your house in a very short time, you will be happy to get the liquidity from the sale of your home. To do this, you have an extremely viable option: Enlist the support of an experienced real estate agent with a reputation for speed.

If you’re in a hurry, a real estate agent with a track record of selling homes can be a godsend. An experienced agent can generally sell a house 10 days faster than the others. This is because they are able to better read and evaluate: the market, the price and the state of the house. Fast sellers are those who know how to anticipate and remove any objections raised by those looking for a home in time. For example, houses that appear too personal, with strong colors, can hardly be accepted quickly by the market. With an agent who manages the logistics of your sale, you can focus on packing and preparing for your new big opportunity.

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