How to remove salt water deposits from water pipes

The salt water deposits occur due to water hardness. This would mean that there is an excessive amount of either calcium or magnesium in the water that has caused prepositions of these minerals to clog up the pipes. This deposition can slow down the water flow, make the water slimy and even change the color of the water to a shade that is not clear. Here is a simple way through which you can remove this deposition, as told by drain cleaning canberra and do a thorough plumbing pipe cleaning because otherwise you will be deprived of clear water along with getting a raised water bill.

Using vinegar

Using vinegar is a tedious task because in order to remove the deposits, you will have to remove all the water from the pipes otherwise it will not be much effective, replace the water with the vinegar and fill the pipes. This will allow the salt deposits to be dissolved in vinegar and the depositions will be removed. After the deposits have been dissolved, you can now flush the pipes. But there is a side effect to this plumbing pipe cleaning. The essence of vinegar will be in the pipes for a time. If you use the water for drinking purposes, you will be able to taste the vinegar. Since vinegar is a natural product, it will not be toxic or harmful to your body.

How to do it?

First, you will need to shut off the water supply. This is important if you need to replace the water with vinegar. The main supply needs to be turned off so that you can allow the water to be drained completely.

Next, you will need to drain the water from all the taps. Empty the pipes by turning on the taps of the whole house. It is vital that you empty the house of all the water so turn on any source of water that comes into your house. Make sure that you do not waste the water. Empty it out in buckets or other forms of storage so you can use it later.

Now it is time to pour the vinegar. Pour 3 to 4 cups of baking soda beforehand after which you will need to pour the vinegar up to the brim. Place this mixture in the pipes for 4 hours. This mixture will allow the salts and deposits to be dissolved. After the limit has been reached for 4 hours, pour down the boiled water along the pipes. This plumbing pipe cleaning will allow the deposits to be completely removed from the pipes.

After the pipes have been flushed, turn on the supply again and see if the water is running back in the house. The essence of vinegar will remain for a few days in the house but you will have yourself clear water back in the house.

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